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Malibu Two Double Kayak and Saranac CanoeMalibu Two & Saranac Canoe

Move single kayak
Move Kayak

Nomad single kayak
Nomad Kayak

Cricket single kayak
Cricket Kayak





Rental Information

Our kayaks and canoes are specific to the type of water that you will be paddling. Our boats are relatively fast, track well and are very stable.

Types of Boats:

  • All boats are made by Old Town Canoe

  • All canoes are Saranac 146XT
    • 17' boat with three seats
    • Seatbacks in front and rear seats
    • Fishing rod holders
    • Small cooler and cup holders

  • Malibu Two - Two person kayaks

  • Cricket single kayaks
    • Very light weight and easy to paddle
    • Great for paddlers of all ages

  • Move single kayak

  • Nomad single kayak

  • Adult life jackets are made by Extrasport

  • Single blade paddles made by Carlisle

  • Double bladed paddles are Carlisle Day Tripper